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Dry Eyes

Our eyes are constantly exposed to the air, and because their membranes are so delicately sensitive, prolonged exposure to the harsh irritants there will make them vulnerable and could pose a significant risk of damage. Luckily, our bodies are naturally equipped with metabolic ways to maintain its balance, and to prevent dry eyes a constant thin film of tears covers our eyes to prevent them from drying out. Dry eyes is a condition characterized by irritation that stems primarily from aging and hormonal changes, leading to stinging and itching sensations, and even impaired vision in the more progressive stages. Dr. Spencer Sherman at the Manhattan Ophthalmology Associates in Manhattan, New York is renowned for his expertise in the field of ophthalmology and has helped patients with dry eyes syndrome recover from the condition and get their lives back on track.

Dry eyes may be manifested as a result of aging, gender, exposure of the eye to harsh environmental conditions. It could be a reaction to a specific type of medication, or may even be bundled up with the symptoms of an underlying condition. As we know, any unfavorable condition implicating the eyes needs immediate attention. And when the symptoms of dry eyes manifest, it is always best to address them at the earliest stages because early management is key to successful treatment. And because in dry eyes there is an insufficient amount or substandard quality of tears that lubricate the eyes, artificial tear solutions are often recommended to supplement the patient’s natural tear production, and often alleviate the condition quite effectively.

In patients with more advanced symptoms, however, additional measures may have to be taken in order to effectively manage dry eyes. These often involve the insertion of punctum plugs which block the tear ducts of the patient’s eyes so that the tears are retained on the surface of the eye longer. Prescription eye drops, ointments, certain vitamins, or eyelid cleaners are also some of the medications recommended by Dr. Sherman in an attempt to alleviate dry eyes symptoms. These are expected to help decrease inflammation of the eyes or as adjuncts in increasing tear production to prevent further damage to the surface of the eyes.


Dr. Spencer Sherman

Dr. Sherman is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist who has been serving the Upper East Side community for over 40 years. Kind and compassionate, Dr. Sherman dedicates his time to his patients needs, making sure all each feels calm and comfortable through all aspects of care. Throughout his esteemed career Dr. Sherman has studied all aspects of Ophthalmic care and has dedicated his practice to his passion, the treatment of Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Contact Lenses.

Dr. Sherman has been a guest professor and lecturer at many leading medical institutions in the United States and around the world. He has published textbooks and scientific articles in numerous major medical journals. Dr. Sherman continues to be active in ophthalmic research and has given many courses of cataract, implant laser surgery and contact lenses.

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B.A. Cum Laude: Princeton University
M.D., Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
Diplomate American Board of Opthalmology
Fellow, American Academy of Surgeons
Fellow International College of Surgeons
Attending Eye Surgeon

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Lenox Hill - North Shore LIJ - MEETH

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Medicare - United Healthcare - Oxford - Aetna
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"Dr. Sherman and his staff were exceptionally kind, thorough and professional. The office and equipment are clean and organized. I am very happy I decided to try an appointment with him."

"Dr. Sherman was a very professional and intelligent doctor.  What made the visit great was his staff.  Mai and Cecillia were fantastic and so friendly.  I look forward to getting my eyes checked again!"

"I have been going to Dr. Sherman for MANY years.  I am 69 years old and he has the BEST bedside manner of any doctor I have ever used.  Always treated well by staff and always got the appointment I wished.  I dread the day he retires."

"Amazing human & professional , I highly recommend! I did see Dr Sherman for a consultation today : best choice ever coming from very far to see him , great advice , very good listener he pointed my eye condition and oriented me , he probably saved my eyes , all was amazing the staff as well was perfect! Thanks a lot! Merci!"

"Dr Sherman was polite, efficient and explained everything about the examination. He had a lovely manner and I had total confidence in his diagnosis. I will definitely go back to Dr. Sherman. I feel fortunate to have found him on ZocDoc."

"Dr. Sherman was fantastic. I came in rather afraid but he really helped ease my mind about my situation. I have never had eye or eyelid related issues before, so this was a new experience for me. He did a thorough exam of me and I felt so happy after leaving his office."


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